A history of innovation

Safari’s ServePort platform and legal services are transformative. And they're not our first...

We’re the team that built Serengeti Tracker, which transformed electronic invoicing for corporate law departments. We are proud to have created the world's first, #1 rated, and most widely used e-billing and matter management solution. We sold Serengeti to Thomson Reuters in 2010.

Our new adventure

We got the team back together as a new company called Safari SOP when we saw a similar opportunity to help companies with the handling of served documents and high-volume workflows of subpoenas, levies, and account garnishments.

I hope you’ll take a minute to learn more about our achievements and people. We listen, take the initiative, and strive for excellence.

I welcome you to join us and other law departments and legal process teams on Safari! We think it’s the next big thing in legal ops.

Tom Melling
CEO, Safari SOP


Decades of legal & tech experience

Tom Melling - CEO, Co-Founder
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Tom Melling

CEO, Co-FounderTom Melling - LinkedIn Bio
Tom has decades of experience as a software executive and successful startup entrepreneur. He was a founder and then President of Serengeti as well as EVP at 1Energy Systems, a clean energy startup. Tom also practiced law at Perkins Coie, specializing in electronic contracting, encryption, and data protection.
Steve Jatnieks - CTO & Co-Founder
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Steve Jatnieks

CTO & Co-FounderSteve Jatnieks - LinkedIn Bio
Steve has over 30 years of experience leading software development teams, and over 20 years providing solutions for corporate legal departments. Previously, Steve shaped the platform strategy and technology culture for Serengeti Tracker while leading the design and development of the product.
Greg Shriber - CPO & Co-Founder
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Greg Shriber

CRO & Co-FounderGreg Shriber - LinkedIn Bio
Greg has more than 20 years of experience designing and selling cloud-based legal technologies. He was a founding member of Serengeti as well as CEO of Atlas Development Corp. and Latitude, a client engagement platform that helps attorneys collaborate with private and small business customers.
Mark Chealander - CISO
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Mark Chealander

Chief Info Security OfficerMark Chealander - LinkedIn Bio
Mark is a seasoned entrepreneur and experienced legal tech executive, holding business and tech leadership roles for many software companies. Mark was the Senior Director of Technology for Serengeti as well as VP of Development at Applied Discovery, one of the world's largest e-discovery vendors.
Mark Hentschell - VP, Sales and Partnerships
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Mark Hentschell

VP, Growth & PartnershipsMark Hentschell - LinkedIn Bio
Mark is a legal industry expert focused on corporate law department operations, management, and technology. He was a Global Sales Manager for Serengeti with responsibility for new sales and customer satisfaction. The foundation of Mark’s expertise was his 7 years in private practice as an attorney at K&L Gates.
Rael Esteves - Customer Success Manager
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Rael Esteves

Manager, Client SuccessRael Esteves - LinkedIn Bio
Rael's background as a project manager, customer care manager and executive assistant gives her both the skills and insight to help customers tackle their process challenges and make the most of the Safari system. Prior to Safari, she worked at LSA International and Samsung Electronics.
Amanda Sundell - Customer Success Representative
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Amanda Sundell

Manager, Client EngagementAmanda Sundell - LinkedIn Bio
Amanda has deep experience as a legal process specialist and systems expert. In her previous role at Mountain America Credit Union (12th largest in the country) she oversaw document requests and related workflows to develop best practices which she now shares with her corporate, law firm, and agency clients.
Rob Thomas - VP Strategic Development
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Rob Thomas

VP, Strategic DevelopmentRob Thomas - LinkedIn Bio
Rob is a widely published authority on the use of technology to improve legal processes. Prior to Safari, he was a co-founder of Serengeti Law, where for ten years he oversaw marketing and partnerships. Rob is also a seasoned attorney with over 20 years of diverse experiences, including law firm managing partner.

Improving services, advancing technology, and supporting the industry

Elevate - Consulting, Technology, and Services for Law

Accredited Standards Committee X9

Both our CEO & CTO are members of the X9 Legal Order Exchange Committee

The Accredited Standards Committee X9 (ASC X9) in support of the financial services industry has the mission to create and maintain US and International standards that improve payments and securities transactions, protect data and facilitate information exchange. Learn more at X9's Web Page.

  • Support (maintain, enhance, and promote use of) existing standards
  • Facilitate development of new, open standards based upon consensus
  • Provide a common source for all standards affecting the Financial Services Industry
  • Focus on current and future standards needs of the Financial Services Industry
  • Promote use of Financial Services Industry standards
  • Participate and promote the development of international standards

Codex - The Stanford Center for Legal informatics

Codex - The Stanford Center for Legal informatics

Our CEO is a Stanford CodeX Affiliate

At CodeX, researchers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and technologists work side-by-side to advance the frontier of legal technology, bringing new levels of legal efficiency, transparency, and access to legal systems around the world. CodeX’s emphasis is on the research and development of computational law (complaw) — the branch of legal informatics concerned with the mechanization of legal reasoning. Learn more at Codex's Web Page.

Elevate - Consulting, Technology, and Services for Law

Elevate - Consulting, Technology, and Services for Law

Elevate, along with its affiliated law firm, ElevateNext, offers a lawyer-led, tech-enabled managed service to handle subpoena responses from intake to completion. ElevateNext's lawyers negotiate scope, search terms, any objections and confidentiality issues with issuing counsel and oversee a team of legal specialists who handle all aspects of the response, from collection to production. Using the Safari tool, not only is the process streamlined from start to finish but Elevate also recovers costs for each subpoena that would otherwise be left on the table for our customers. Elevate also provides robust monthly reporting of its subpoena response efforts. Learn more at Elevate's Web Page.

Integreon Risk & Regulatory Services

Integreon - Risk & Regulatory Services

Integreon's Subpoena Processing and Compliance Service (SPC) helps organizations establish an approach to eliminate their growing backlog and manage all incoming and future public information requests and 3rd-party subpoena demands. And for organizations able to charge a processing fee, 3rd-party subpoena compliance can go from an operational budget strain to a revenue-generating activity. Learn more at Integreon's Compliance Page.

Legal Operators - Subpoena Response Subchapter

Legal Operators - Subpoena Response Subchapter

Legal Operators is the leading private community for legal operations professionals to connect with peers, brainstorm problems, and discover solutions. Our Subpoena Response Management subchapter will share the larger group’s values and focus specifically on the concerns of subpoena response professionals. It offers a forum to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. Learn more at Legal Operators Subchapters Page.

Mosaic Consulting

Mosaic - Legal Technology & Operations Consulting

Mosaic Consulting is helping the practice of law reach its operational potential through data, technology, training and outsourcing of business and legal processes. We have honed our expertise in legal operations, technology and process improvement over 17 years with over 75 years of combined experience. Mosaic enables our clients to optimize the power of their legal systems and processes and achieve a significant return on investment. We develop customized solutions, leveraging technology and designing effective processes to drive efficiency and realize cost savings in your legal operations. Learn more at Mosaic Services Page.


Flexmonster - Pivot Table & Charts Software

Flexmonster is the team who created the Fastest pivot table component available for the web and mobile apps. Pivot Table Component helps web developers to create interactive Pivot tables & charts reports for web and mobile applications. It provides an extremely intuitive end-user experience while creating and analyzing reports. The world's most respected brands use Flexmonster Pivot Table to create and analyze reports online. Learn more at the Flexmonster Web Site.