Finally a centralized, comprehensive served document solution

ServePort's connections allow you to automate and streamline the electronic intake of served documents and eliminated manual data entry while validating incoming service. This robust infrastructure acts as one, centralized platform to efficiently manage served legal documents, whether just for a single matter type such as subpoenas, or as a comprehensive solution for all served documents.

Plus, it even provides a streamlined solution for paper documents that have been served on your headquarters, branches and local offices.


Registered Agent Data Feed

ServePort streamlines your workflow with an encrypted auto-data feed directly from your registered agent.

The platform then automatically creates matters in Safari by type, eliminating the need for manual setup or data entry.

Auto-confirmation means no more manually logging in to acknowledge receipt of served document. And comprehensive auditing and reporting means you never lose track of incoming service.

The result is a seamless and secure background feed providing incredible efficiency to your operation.


Service of Process Portals

Capture documents and data directly from serving parties, eliminating manual data entry and minimizing errors. You can specify which types of documents can be served electronically and which fields of data are require. Then you can display instructions and legal terms (e.g. all court orders must be domesticated by the local state court).

Once submitted, incoming documents are automatically categorized by type and encrypted for security during transmission.

Finally, matters are automatically created in Safari, reducing manual workload and allowing comprehensive auditing and reporting for easy tracking and oversight.

The result is an efficient, secure online intake process that adheres to legal standards and protects sensitive information.


Branch/Office Internal Portals

Capture data directly from your branches and offices including: who received it, the state where it was served, check amout (if any), method of service, etc.

Of course, access is limited to only your company personnel, and complete audit and reporting ensures you never lose track of incoming documents.

All data is then encrypted and transmitted to your headquarters where matters are automatically created and displayed in organized ServePort views.


Government Agency Connection

Receive a direct feed from authenticated agencies—eliminating manual data sorting and entry. Validation rules ensures required fields are always populated for automated processing.

All data is encrypted in transmission, and then auto-populates matters (by type) in Safari.

When you're ready to respond, a 2-way connection sends documents and data back to the agency (including auto-generated responses for levies).

How ServePort fits into—and seamlessly integrates with—your existing workflows