ServePort enables companies to electronically receive service of levies, garnishments, third-party subpoenas and document requests. NOTE: Before you can serve a document on a company using ServePort, the company must have set up a service intake portal on ServePort. Learn more in Getting Started / Instructions.

Benefits for Serving Parties

For serving parties, ServePort provides a more reliable, faster, easier, and less expensive alternative to traditional paper-based service of process. Watch our video to see the benefits of ServePort for yourself.

  • More Reliable: When you serve a third-party subpoena or a garnishment on a company through ServePort, you will receive an immediate Acknowledgment of Receipt directly from the company with a complete audit history of what has been served. This transparency and confirmation ensures that parties cannot dispute the timing or receipt of the served document.
  • Instant Service: All you need to do is to fill out a form and the Acknowledgment of Receipt from the served party is instantaneous. Unlike the traditional process that requires hand-delivery of documents or transfer of documents to a process server who then serves the documents, ServePort allows for direct and immediate service.
  • Ease of Use: It is best to use a current versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. Otherwise, there is nothing to install, no user accounts to set up, and no encryption keys to manage.
  • Cost Savings: ServePort eliminates the cost of process servers, printing, and/or postage. Additionally, ServePort minimizes the risk of errors and delays that can occur with paper-based processes, further reducing legal expenses.

Eliminate paper and cumbersome processes. Get started today serving subpoenas and garnishments using

ServePort is a state-of-the art solution for companies to electronically deliver response documents and materials to law firms, government agencies, law enforcement, and other parties who have served subpoenas and other document requests. Ease of use and Security are its core features. Experience the simplicity of today.

Ease of Use

  • Requirements: It is best to use current versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox browsers. Otherwise, there is nothing to install, no user accounts to set up, and no encryption keys to manage.
  • Performance: ServePort is designed to maximize file download speed, even if you have a slow Internet connection.

State-of-the-Art Security

  • Trusted: ServePort is built and hosted on Microsoft Azure and has end-to-end encryption. See the section on Security for more information.
  • Isolation and Deletion: A unique site is set up for each document delivery. All files are automatically deleted when the delivery portal expires or immediately when you, as the serving party, confirms receipt.

Payment of Response Costs

ServePort takes the paperwork out of paying for a company's response costs. A company will generate an invoice, which is presented as part of the document delivery. The site provides a credit card interface to streamline the payment and collection process. Once you pay the invoice, you'll receive a payment receipt for your records and you can then download the delivered documents.

ServePort protects all data on an advanced Microsoft Azure, SOC 2, and PCI compliant platform.

TRUSTED - By World's Largest Companies

Safari SOP, the company that powers ServePort, has extensive experience managing legal, financial, and PII data online. Safari's products, including ServePort, have successfully passed every security and technology review, including by Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, and companies in the most highly regulated industries.

COMPLIANCE - Standards & Certifications

Safari undergoes a SOC 2 and PCI audit by an independent auditor annually, covering our product, infrastructure, policies, and procedures. We also meet the highest industry standards such as GLBA, 23 NYRR Part 500, and HIPAA.

ENCRYPTION - Storage & Transmission

Safari encrypts all client data and backups at rest (AES - 256 bit) and during transmission (SSL - TLS 1.2+). All backups are stored redundantly across multiple availability zones.

HOSTING - Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Safari's platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is highly scalable, secure, and reliable. Azure complies with leading security policies and frameworks, including SSAE 18, SOC framework, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS.