Getting Started

The Kickoff: A Clear Path Forward
Our collaborative journey begins with a kickoff call, during which we develop a comprehensive project plan tailored to your needs, including any specific "Go Live" dates to align with your strategic goals.

Streamlined Access: Single Sign-On Setup
We have modern, flexible SSO capabilities. With our SSO Guide, frequently your SSO IT team will not even need a phone call. If necessary, our IT team will jump on a call with our IT specialists to answer any questions, ensuring that single sign-on is configured without hassle.

Setup Consultation and Training: Empower Your Administrators
In usually just two sessions, your administrators will receive a comprehensive training about Safari setup, along with a detailed System Setup Checklist. This combination of detailed sertup materials backed by Safari’s direct support ensures a clear understanding of the configuration options at your disposal.

User Training: Confidence in Every Click
A comprehensive hour dedicated to workflow demonstrations and Q&A sessions will empower your users to utilize the full potential of our solutions with confidence.

“I was shocked at how simple it is to set up. I’ve managed other implementations and they were like pulling teeth. Safari is very user friendly.”
Brian Hunt photo CIARA COLEMAN
Litigation Counsel
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc

The Safari Difference

Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Your Personal Guide

Each customer benefits from the expertise of a dedicated Customer Success Manager. From day one, they're available to provide hands-on consultation, guiding you every step of the way.

Enhanced with Experience: Best Practices and Insights

We offer a wealth of best practices and insights gleaned from our extensive customer base. Benefit from our experience with resources like average invoice data, sample letter templates, and compliance policy practices.

Comprehensive Resource Library: At Your Fingertips

Safari takes great pride in providing resources that simplify your implementation. From system setup checklists and detailed compliance policy guides to quick reference sheets and training videos—every resource comes with the dedicated support of your Customer Success Manager.

Speed to Value: Benefits in Weeks not Months

Many small to mid-sized entities have been fully operational in under a week, while most businesses reach full functionality in less than one month. Even for large organizations, the limiting factor is often the internal gathering of information—not the integration of our systems.

Tailored Implementations for Complex Enterprises

For complex enterprises with intricate structures, we offer consultative process re-engineering expertise, steering you from outdated methods to a modern, optimized workflow with Safari’s SaaS solutions as the foundation. We assist your team with the development of a project plan and even a dedicated ‘playbook’ specially designed for your users and workflows in Safari.

Integrating with your Existing Systems

Streamlined Operations through Advanced API Integration

At Safari, we recognize that companies that receive high-volumes of served documents rely on processes to manage and timely respond to various documents. Secure and efficient automation is critical to improving and optimizing these workflows. That’s why our suite of products are designed with an API-centric architecture—providing you the ability to implement seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

  • Subpoena Automation
    Automate the lookup of subject information (e.g., the target of a subpoena). Depending on the nature of the document requests, you can also integrate with systems to pull documents directly into Safari.
  • Advanced Levy and Garnishment Processing
    Leverage our technology to substantially reduce the need for human intervention in levy and garnishment cases, with automated debtor lookup, account and ACH retrieval (for identifying exempt funds), customer payment of a processing fee, seizing funds, releasing funds, and paying funds.
  • Transferring to other Systems
    Safari’s API allows for the immediate transfer of documents to the relevant department or system, such as directing wage garnishment orders straight to HR, with no manual intervention required.
  • Customized Reporting at Your Fingertips
    Integrate Safari’s comprehensive data with your own analytics tools, like Tableau, for tailor-made reporting that informs your decision-making.
Preconfigured and Customized Integrations

With a range of pre-built integration options at your disposal, we have a dedicated team that works closely with your IT personnel to access and test necessary APIs. For custom integrations, Safari’s flexible APIs are crafted for tailored automation. Choose to engage Safari’s professional services team or utilize a third party or your own resources with our support.

API Infrastructure Built on REST Principles

Our RESTful API structure guarantees a consistent, straightforward experience with organized URLs, standard data encoding methods, and conventional HTTP protocols. To explore Safari’s API capabilities, we offer a dedicated sandbox environment for your IT experts to test and trial at their convenience.

System configuration is managed through the "Setup" section of the app. Your customer success manager will walk your admins through the options and provide ongoing support.