A complete document request solution


New matters come in via a registered agent feed, internal email to the system, or manual entry.
From an “Unassigned” list, each matter is assigned to an owner and routed for routine or escalated handling.


Key details, status, and deadlines are all tracked in one place.
Owners upload responsive documents and use templates to send standard correspondence.


When the response is ready, Safari generates unique login credentials and sends them to the issuer.
Issuer uses the credentials to log in to the ServePort™ Portal to download responsive documents.

Fee Collection

The matter owner selects a pre-configured or custom invoice and records any prepayment.
Safari presents the invoice and collects online payment when the issuer downloads the response.

Intake at the Source

Automatically create secure online portals for responsive documents.

  • ServePort emails 2-factor access instructions and scheduled reminders
  • Portals have no file size or type limitations and data is encrypted at rest and in transmission
  • Manage expiration or keep the portal open for rolling productions

Streamlined Preparation

An optional paywall ensures payment is received prior to dowload.

  • Pre-configured invoices are added to the portal when paywall is enabled
  • Custom billing for oneoffs or negotiated fees
  • Prepayments are autodeducted from invoices
  • Payment is collected prior to document download

Secure Response Delivery

Everything is tracked and easily reviewed throughout the process.

  • Delivery details show the name/date/time of portal access, payment receipt, document download, and final closing or expiration
  • Reports allow you to monitor all active portals
  • Audit history eliminates discrepencies or disputes surrounding responses
“I was a bit skeptical of online portals at first… but after a few months on Safari, I would never go back.”
Brian Hunt photo VALERIE DECKMAN
Document Retention Specialist
First Merchants Bank

A full life cycle solution for document requests

Intake stamp

New Matter Intake

Streamline internal routing
Use an internal email address to send served documents directly into Safari
Assign owners
Review new matters as they appear, assign staff, route, and/or escalate
Direct Feed from registered agent
Receive documents and populate data with a feed from your registered agent

Processed stamp

Response Preparation

Centralize work
Store matter details, communications, and produced documents in one place
Track progress
Record progress notes and track deadlines, status, and workflow
Automate correspondence
Auto-populate variables and send standard communications

File Management

View documents inline
Review served documents alongside corresponding matter details
Image files
Convert documents to pdf format within an online viewer
Build a template library
Create templates for frequently used documents and communications

Delivered stamp

Response Delivery

Simplify delivery
Use a built-in workflow to select recipients and generate login credentials and notifications
Deliver via ServePort™
Make responses available instantly with a built-in online portal
Monitor receipt
Track portal activity, including who downloaded which documents when
Deliver to Government and Law Firms
Issuers of all types, including government and law enforcement agencies, use Safari's ServePort portal to receive documents. In fact, 46% of all Safari deliveries are to government entities, including the DOJ, FBI, SEC, IRS, and various state and local agencies. All the issuer needs is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Recovered stamp

Fee Collection

Preconfigure invoices
Create standard invoices for common document request types
Create custom invoices
Input matter-specific line items and amounts for previously negotiated costs
Collect online payments
Collect payment at the time the issuer downloads responsive documents

Reporting stamp

Management Oversight

Run reports
View preconfigured or custom reports and charts
View activity
Audit history captures every action taken in the system
Limit access
Restrict certain matters and actions to specified users

Reporting stamp

Trust and Security

Meets highest industry standards such as HIPAA, GLBA, and 23 NYRR Part 500
SOC 2 compliant verified by an independent auditor annually
All client data encrypted at rest (AES-256 bit) and in transmission (SSL-TLS 1.2)

“Everything goes much smoother and more quickly. Overall, we save at least 30 minutes per subpoena and as much as 45 minutes. "
Research Specialist
First Merchants Bank
"Using Safari’s automated invoicing and collection, we are now averaging over $100 recovered per subpoena."
Litigation Manager
Red Robin
"Prior to Safari, we recovered about 60% of what we invoiced... now that we’ve automated collections, we’re recovering nearly 4 times as much."
Legal Processing Specialist
Mountain America Credit Union