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For most companies, routine matters like subpoenas and levies make up the greatest number of served documents. But until now, there was no software designed for these high-volume matters.
ServePort ingests all SOP (regardless of serving party or method), enables triage, and automates routing to the pre-configured department or system where it will be resolved. MORE
ServePort offers a single place to store documents, automate processes, centralize correspondence, securely deliver responsive documents, generate invoices, and collect payment. MORE
ServePort tracks deadlines, captures details (like account info, amounts seized, and payment dates), enforces compliance policies, and guides workflows from asset seizure to payment. MORE
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Review and resolve all incoming service (regardless of the source) in one collaborative workspace.


Features tailored to your specific needs

BankingFinancial documents & levies/account garnishments
InsuranceClaims/Policy & Investigation Requests
RetailLaw Enforcement & Employment Requests
TelecomDMCA Takedown & SCA Document Requests
LegalCollect, assess, & auto route incoming matters in one place
Doc ResponseCollaborate & correspond with issuers directly
HRGet garnishments & employment related requests instantly
ManagementAudit all activity & enforce compliance policies