Benefits to Executives

Centralized Document Intake
Brings all served documents into one, organized, reportable and auditable system ensuring nothing is lost.

Cost Recovery
Automates invoicing and payment collection based on policies you set up during implementation.

Robust Security
Provides detailed access control for in-house users and encrypts sensitive information during delivered.

Comprehensive Reporting
Generates detailed reports for audits and internal reviews, enhancing transparency and oversight.

Better Compliance
Enforce compliance policies with built-in rules and workflows that automatically trigger based on pre-configured criteria.

Seamless Integration
Works easily with existing systems, and connects with your registered agent and government agencies via APIs and industry standards.

Imagine tracking every document, status, and response from one centralized workspace. Audits and staffing reviews are just a few clicks away using our pre-configured management reports.

Benefits to Team Managers

Staffing Review
Manage workload and balance teams with real-time visibility into the number, type, and turnaround of work.

Monitor due dates, missed deadlines, and delayed responses with alerts and reports that quickly surface issues.

Real-Time Tracking
Quickly check status or look up previously completed work using global search or pre-configured reporting.

Work Assignment
Seamlessly re-assign or pick up work-in-progress when staff go on vacation or leave the department.

Consistent Workflows
Establish and enforce best practices for matter handling with consistent status, escalation, and resolution methods.

Best Practices
Benefit from best practices, templates, and reports developed by our users and automatically integrated into system workflows.

"It’s not like you need training. Setting up Safari was a breeze. After a short walk-through call, we started processing subpoenas right away."
Legal Support Analyst,
Logix Credit Union
“Choosing Safari was an easy decision—we went from first look to implementation in less than a month.”
Document Retention Specialist,
First Merchants Bank

Benefits to Frontline Users

Organized Workflow
The systems provides a step-by-step process to consistently resolve each type of work.

Side-by-side Review
View or updated meta data on the left; while viewing the documents you are working with on the right.

Advanced Templating
Instantly generate and send documents and correspondence using the information already captured in matters.

Quick Search
Instantly search across all matters to find and update information in seconds or provide status on completed work.

Anywhere Access
If your company allows it, remote employees or distributed teams can view matters and complete work from any location.

Built-in templates are managed from one centralized source and quickly pull data directly from your matters.